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 A summoning disaster,

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Aunuri Initiate
Aunuri Initiate

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PostSubject: A summoning disaster,   Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:23 am

Please, Read word for word, and do not speed read. If you do you will most likely misread or misunderstand what I have said in my postings this being the first. O and I am sorry for the size of this post,
however in order to keep misunderstandings to a minimum I had to say everything at once. The next postings should be shorter then this one...

First let me start by stating, That the below happened when I was only 18 years old.(I am now 26 going on 27) I didn't really know what I was doing I was just doing it. I only knew what it was I wanted
to do. I was hot-headed, and back then I didn't care what happened so long as I got what I desired to have. as a result someone got hurt, badly, and I stopped using magick for a period of time as a
result. See I didn't wish for another person to get hurt as a result of my stupidity... To those who read what I have to say here. I have two reasons for telling this part of my life. First, I mean it as a warning
to others, please be careful with what you do, so you don't make the same mistakes I have made. Second, Even though I am not proud of what I did to this person as a result of my stupidity, there was
results, and these results where staggering. As a result I know that when someone tells me that something can't be done. It just means that they could not do it. that does not mean that you could not do it.
See If any unbelief resides within, then what you are trying to do won't happen. You must believe, that what you are trying to do can and will happen. and even if you do not succeed you must simply try
again. Never give up on your dreams. for only then does "Not possible" begin to have any truth to it...With that said I shall begin.........

So let me see. the time I felt like my blood was on fire, Well first let me say that is sort of a metaphor. It felt like I had an incredible amount of power/ energy(fire) surging through my veins, as though at
that very moment nothing was beyond my grasp. this is the only way I can describe it. See here's the entirety of what happened.

I was at Guthrie Job-Corp. Back then I was 18 years old and stupid. I was on campus, and had been going around telling everyone that I was a warlock, I later found out a few years later that a warlock
in the pagan community stands for a member of a coven who has broken the rules of the coven and been banished from it, so I stopped calling myself a warlock. however back to what I was saying. I
was going around calling myself a warlock, and openly saying that I practice REAL magick. Well as things go if you clam something like that sooner or later there are going to be those who want to see
you prove it. Witch I had done a few times by this point to a few people. However they would always write it off as pure luck and good timing.

So anyway It was a clear night with a full moon so I went to a hill on campus to get away from everyone as best I could. and drew a bunch of symbols into the dirt there, that I felt the spirits wanted me to
draw. and began trying everything to awaken the werewolf that I knew is a part of me even then. " I was mixing every form of magick that I knew of and calling spirits, demons, and everything I could
think of in hopes of reaching this end. And asking that in return for them to use my body to reside in they would have to grant me my hearts desire."

I was about half way threw what I was doing when this female came out of her way to join me, and began asking me what it was I was doing. So I vaguely told her that I was in the middle of doing a ritual
and that she had interrupted me and that I would now have to start over because of her. She said that she was sorry and gave me a side hug. When she did this she came into contact with a solid black
stone that I had around my neck on a black wax cord, I immediately pointed this out to her. saying, watch it! She jumped back as though something had bit her and again apologized and then left. " See
that stone was a form of voodoo a vessel of sorts that housed strong demons that I had trapped inside it" so anyway I returned back to what it was I had been doing, and started over from the very

once again I got about half way through it when here she comes again. At first I was mad then I realized that she wasn't looking like herself. She had a very strange look on her face and was scratching the
crap out of her arm. she asked me to help her that she didn't know what was going on, but she just couldn't stop itching, I felt sorry for her, I knew what had happened to her, one of the demons had left
my stone and went into her. see they were only trapped inside as long as I was the only one to touch the stone. so anyway, The spirits told me to Take off the Crystal that was also around my neck, " the
crystal was meant to serve two purposes. One it was to amplify my powers, and two it was to balance me with positive powers, kind of a conduit of sorts." and touch her on the arm, so this is what I did.
As soon as I did, her itching stopped. She was shocked and not sure as to what had happened so I explained it to her as well as I could. and she left once more.

So for the third time I started over with what I was doing. this time sure that she wouldn't come back... this is where it truly began, I was once again around the same point as the last times. when half the
campus showed up and I had to stop doing what it was I was doing yet again. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the H was going on. when I was given the answer to that question! That very
same woman came pushing through the circle of people that she had gotten, then she pointed straight at me and said " Touch me with that white stone again, I believe that black stone had something on it
that made me itch." This Made me furious and it also put me on the spot in front of everyone there, most of whom I had told more then once that I was a real witch. ( I did have regular shoe polish on that
black stone. however I had only done so to make it shine better and I had buffed it out to the point that nothing would ever come off. This I had done over 12 months prior.) So anyway I had only one
choice either make myself into a liar or prove once and for all to everyone their that I was in fact for real. I chose the later out of anger of being put on the spot like that.

I told her in front of everyone their that I would do as she asked and touch her with that white stone again but before I did so I was going to transfer all the powers of the black stone into the white one,
and I was going to do it where everyone could see that they never touched. and when I touch you with it, it will make you itch 1000 times worse then the black one did before, or something even worse.
and that she was going to wish to god that she had never tested me like that... So I did exactly what I said I was going to do and when I was done transferring the black stones energy into the white stone.
I put the black stone calmly around my neck and then looked at her and moved. and boy how I moved. everything was as a blur to my vision.

all she had time to do was clutch onto the person next to her in terror before I touched her with that stone and then she vanished from my sight. I on the other hand was left stunned. standing frozen
starring at my hand. wondering what the H happened. it seemed like an eternity was passing as I stood their, but the fact was that it was only a few seconds. Then an ear shattering scream broke the
silence and everyone split, except for a few.

It turned out that after I had touched her she had ran about 500 ft. and then went completely blind, and had a pain in her head that was driving her mad. she was saying things like, take this pain away.
followed by, If I could see you I would Kill you, and all in the same sentence. I was stunned for never in my wildest dreams did I expect for such a strong effect and I sure didn't want this to happen to
her. But the spirits had after all fulfilled their end of the agreement and fulfilled my hearts desire, (See my hearts desire had changed due to me letting my anger get the best of me and because I was
wanting to prove that I was for real.) and made her wish she had never challenged me. and also helped me to prove to everyone their that I was in fact the real deal.

Anyway I did offer her a way to undo what had been done but she would not hear of it. see the thing was the first time what had happened to her wasn't of her own free will, so I was able to act on my
own to undo what had been done. This time however what had been done she had asked for of her own free will, and knowing what could happen to her because I had told her that what was going to
happen if I touched her with that stone. but still remaining to have it done. She would have to act on her own this time and take the very stone from out of my hand that I had just touched her with to cause
this to happen to her. But she flat refused.

Staff came out and they setup flood lights and took pictures of the symbols that I had put into the dirt and interviewed everyone that they could find that saw what had happened. less then one month later
I was kicked out on the grounds that my religion had hurt someone very badly. But before I got kicked out it was one week after the incident that I saw that female one last time. I was going up some
stairs and she was going down the same stairs with another person. As soon as she saw me she backed into a corner and went into a fetal squatting position, and began to whimper as though she was a
terrified little puppy. It was at this point that what I had done to her in my anger and my desire to prove that I was real truly hit me full force...

I can't even begin to imagine what kind of hell I have Caused her to live with from this moment on. I never wanted this, not this. I have had to live with this memory ever since. and I hurts. I wish this had
never happened, but the fact remains that it did happen, and can never be undone. It was a few years after this happened before I even began to mess with magick again.

As for how I felt when my blood was on fire.(Just before I touched her.) It was as though time itself had stopped. and I had speed up! I could hear, and see and smell But it was distorted as though I had
not yet had time to focus and was looking threw a different set of senses, those that belonged to an animal. This is as well as I can explain it.

One other thing I feel I must explain. When this happened I was trying to take on the form, or even the traits of the wolf, or a werewolf. This was my very first true attempt. To do this I was calling upon
any and all spirits that had any connection to wolves or werewolves. Then I was taking them all into my self, ( Self Possession.) See they could not hurt me because I was a willing host, and they where
bound to fulfill my hearts desire. However when I let my anger, get the best of me. I let my guard down. As a result I stopped thinking and just started acting, on pure impulses. This gave the spirits
another goal. However, the female wasn't a willing host. So when I touched her they left me to make my desire as a result of my anger a reality. And they hurt her badly. All I wanted In my anger was to
prove once and for all that I was no fake. So I did but the price was far greater then I wanted to pay. And someone was badly hurt. Please Don't let your emotions get the better of you. Don't make the
same mistake I have made. For if you do the memory of that mistake will hunt you for the rest of your life!!!

This really happened, and while I do like the power that I felt, I do not like what I did to that female and I regret it Deeply...

One other thing I have to say to those who read this. I can't make you believe anything that I say and I won't even try to do so. This is not up to me to do. I can only put out what I know to be the facts, It
is up to you as to weather you decide to believe them or not. Only you can make this decision. I can't do it for you. As I stated above, It was because I was trying to prove myself to others, that someone
was hurt. so please don't even think about asking me for proof, I don't have any, other then what I tell you by word of mouth. Likewise I must also ask you who choose to post to Please only post the
truth. For even if you post something that seems unbelievable, I will believe it because I have seen the impossible become reality. And I don't wish to be lied to. This means please do not make things up.
Either it happened to you or you saw it happen. Or you know for a fact that it is real because it has happened to you, or around you somehow. This is what I feel to be a polite request. I don't wish
anyone harm for opening up and saying what they believe to be the case. Remember words cut deep. I do not wish to be a part of something that cuts down others because of their beliefs, Proof is in the
eyes of the beholder... Thinks for reading and I plan to have a less touchy as well as a shorter posting the next time.
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Au'kan (Initiate)
Au'kan (Initiate)

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PostSubject: Re: A summoning disaster,   Tue Jun 09, 2009 8:33 pm

I am glad you posted here , and I am glad your telling what happend.
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Aunuri Initiate
Aunuri Initiate

Posts : 37
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Age : 36
Location : USA, NY.

PostSubject: Re: A summoning disaster,   Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:49 am

vampcat wrote:
I am glad you posted here , and I am glad your telling what happend.

Thank you Friend.
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Au'kan (Initiate)
Au'kan (Initiate)

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PostSubject: Re: A summoning disaster,   Wed Jun 10, 2009 11:33 am

Any time.
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Laiko Su Katara
Aun'elda (Admin)
Aun'elda (Admin)
Laiko Su Katara

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PostSubject: Re: A summoning disaster,   Thu Jun 11, 2009 4:20 pm

A very good move posting this thread, hopefully this keep all the summoner-wannabes in check.
Even if you feel regret it wasnt totally your fault, that girl did a bad move by dragging everyone there and cause such a ruckus.


"The world is not an evil place because of those who do evil, but rather because of those who sit back and let it happen." - Albert Einstein.

"The true voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
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Aunuri Initiate
Aunuri Initiate

Posts : 37
Join date : 2009-06-07
Age : 36
Location : USA, NY.

PostSubject: Re: A summoning disaster,   Thu Jun 11, 2009 6:13 pm

Thank you. I know it wasn't entirely my fault, she did have it comming to her. But I still should have used restraint. At any rate, I suppose it could have been much worse. So at least she wasn't killed.
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PostSubject: Re: A summoning disaster,   

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A summoning disaster,
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A summoning disaster,
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