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 Vampiric Magick, And the basics of all magick

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Vampiric Magick, And the basics of all magick Empty
PostSubject: Vampiric Magick, And the basics of all magick   Vampiric Magick, And the basics of all magick EmptyThu Jun 11, 2009 8:06 pm

This is a subject I like to call Vampiric Magick, but before I continue with this subject I must give you the reader a warning... As with all magick there is a level of caution that must be used. Within the
following text I will be describing both the good and the bad Aspects of this form of magick, As well as the basic concepts behind it. I will take no responsibility for you the reader using or misusing any of
the information that I the writer say within this post. This responsibility shall rest entirely upon you the reader...If your ready I shall continue...

The Basics :
Within everything there is five elements, These elements are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Let me break this down so it can be better understood. Earth, this element consist of everything
solid, such as soil, plants, animals, bugs, rocks, and every living and non living thing that you can touch. This is common knowledge. However the element of Earth also makes up the moon, stars, planets,
and any solid body within space, be it within or even outside our own universe.

Air, this element consist of all forms of gas, not just the part we breath. This means that oxygen, as well as carbindyoxide. Are all part of the air element. But it goes much deeper then this. The air element,
can also be found within every living thing such as within the cells of the body. It is carried by the red blood cells through out the body By all forms of life. It can be found with in plants in the form of
carbondyoxide. But it also resides within the vacuum of outer space. Even though we as living beings can't breath in outer space the element of air even resides there. Just not a form of it that can sustain
life. This is a form of the air element that can be used to harm as such it is very hard to draw and control.

Fire, this element can be found everywhere you can find a source of energy and or heat. let me break it down for you. The fire element can be found in the center of the earth as lava, in the sun, even as
fire and lightning. It even resides within our brain and nerves. This is the common places that you can find it. However, it also resides within the atom. This means that everything, everywhere, has the
element of fire within it. Think of fire as the glue that holds everything that is, together. For the atom is the building blocks of all things, both the seen as well as the unseen.

Water, this element can be found In all living things, both plants and animals alike. Think of the water element as the giver of life. For without water Nothing can live. we ourselves are made up mostly of
this element. This is a proven fact of science. It is what the largest part of our blood is made up of. This goes for all living things. Even the sap of plant life is mostly made up of water.

Spirit, this element has many misconceptions tied with it. One being the idea that this element is referring to the spirits that reside around us. This is not the case, let me explain. Have you ever heard
someone say, That person, has spirit? Or that something such as a horse is spirited? It is within this statement that the true meaning of the spirit element resides... When someone makes this statement they
are meaning, that person is strong willed. The spirit element is in fact our own willpower. It is seen within our own desire. It is the very thing that makes us who we are. It is always changing, always there.
To make this even more clear, have you ever heard someone say, Their spirit has been broken? This means that their Will or Willpower, is no more. This might refer to their will to live. Or even their will
to meet a particular goal. In essence they have lost their spirit element. What I am saying is that your Will or Willpower is the spirit element. In order to manipulate the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and
Water you must have Willpower that is strong enough to be able to Will it to happen. This is the true meaning and source of the Spirit element...

The above is the basic's for all forms of magick.

Now that I have given you the basics behind the elements lets move on to the main point
Performing Vampiric Magick.

Performing Vampiric Magick :
Once you fully understand what I have said above. You will have a better chance of using vampiric magick. Lets begin. What is Vampiric Magick? Vampiric Magick is the art of connecting with
another living thing and taking from it what you desire, or need to have. This is dangerous in so many ways. This is due to the spirit element. All living things have this element. If you try to use vampiric
magick on another living thing that has a stronger will then you do, then this type of magick can backfire badly. This is where caution must be applied...

What effects can vampiric magick have, and what does it do? It takes the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and draws them out of your target, into yourself. What is dangerous about this? It is
dangerous because to a living being, this includes plants, this is the same thing as taking their life force away from them. And adding it to your own, permanently! The end results being that you greatly
increase your own personal life. Or the amount of elemental power you have within... This means that this can be used to kill, If you do not use restraint!

How do I do this? You first must use the spirit element and will your own elemental powers to connect with the elemental forces of your target, or targets. keep in mind the more targets you have the
harder it might be to pull off. Because your will however strong it may be, has to be greater then all your targets wills put together. Once you feel like you have done this you must overpower your targets
will and force your spiritual element to take control of your targets elements. ( Earth, Air, Fire and Water) willing them to leave your target and come to you.
This is Vampiric Magick...

How do I keep from doing permanent harm to my target? This is simple either don't do vampiric magick, or don't force your will upon your target. Meaning once you have connected to your target, using
the spirit element, instead of forcing your will to take away the elemental power of the target. Use your will to request of your target any elemental energy that it has to spare, if any. and if it does not have
any to spare then simply withdraw your spirit away from it without taking anything from it...

Again Be responsible and careful this form of magick can work in reverse as well....And please remember everything has a price in magick. And it may not always be what you expect it to be. If you do
not fear the consequences then you should have no problems pulling off any form of True Magick...You have to want to meet your goal more then anything elts. If nothing madders more then meeting your
magical ends then you will one day know success... Enjoy and be safe...
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Vampiric Magick, And the basics of all magick
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Vampiric Magick, And the basics of all magick
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