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 The Tarot (Common Mistake)

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PostSubject: The Tarot (Common Mistake)   The Tarot (Common Mistake) EmptyFri Jul 10, 2009 1:16 pm

Let me start by saying, There is allot of misconception around the Tarot Cards, Such as the Death Card Should your deck have one this is what this card means...

I use the Tarot deck, "" The Celtic Dragon Tarot, copy write 1999 by D.J. Conway. ""I have found to be very useful...

Death, (13), Major Arcana, This card means a Change, to the point that when you look back at who you used to be you no longer recognize that person as being you... Sort of a transformation... This
card rarely means an actual Death... Or loss of Life... so please keep this in mind when you are using the Tarot...

One other problem I have found is that people have a Bad Habit of reading the Tarot Cards for others, But not In the Proper Way...What do I mean by this? I will explain...

When Reading the tarot for your self The cards mean what you want them to mean, Or what you feel they mean... However This is not the case when reading them for someone elts. When you read the
Tarot for another person you must Refrain from adding your own personal meaning into them... They Will Mean something different to the person for whom you are reading them to... So how do you read
the Tarot for someone other then yourself???

You First Must clear your mind of everything, Except of your goal to read the cards for someone other-then your self. this is very important, and should be done before you even begin to touch the cards.
Once you have this in your mind you must keep it there...

Next, lay the cards in the order you use, "" If you are reading them for someone other then yourself but you lay them youeself you must Read them as they would appear if you where siting in the spot the one your reading them for is sitting at. "" This means If they are sitting directly across from you, as is often the case, then based on your view of the cards, What is Reversed to you is Upright to them and what is Upright to you is reversed to them...and proceed to read them for whom you are doing so...

Now here lies a common mistake. Allot of people put their own meanings into the reading as they are reading them for someone elts... Big mistake... Here is the way this should be done...

You MUST give all the possible meanings for each card to the person you are reading them for. While being careful not to mix your own personal meanings into it at all. And they must decide for
themselves as to what it means to them for themselves...

An example of this would be... "" This is what this could mean, Or this is how this can go with this, card ""... Never say things like this card means that you are, or you will... if your doing this then you are
making a Big mistake...

I once had someone read the Tarot for me and they told me that The cards where saying I was Delusional, Going down the wrong path, That things where not as I think they are. Among many other
Negative things.. I later Read these same cards and Their meanings Didn't even apply to me in this manner...

They did however apply to the reader, That reading was , for Him not me... I know this for a fact. However I never told him this... See he didn't believe anything I had told him, He didn't even Like me.
As a result he allowed his own personal feelings get in the way of his reading for me...

The Same cards he used in the same order, could have also Meant that I am on the correct Path to what it is I am after, or that I am stronger and have more ability then even I have yet to come to

See the Tarot Cards are as a camera, They are a snapshot that is taken of your life at that exact moment a card is revealed. This is why it is easy to read for your self and hard to read someone
elts...When you read yourself you must put all of yourself into the reading, However when you are reading for someone elts you must refrain from putting any part of yourself into the reading at all...Doing
this Is an easy Mistake to make... This is all I have to say on this madder at this time...

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The Tarot (Common Mistake)
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The Tarot (Common Mistake)
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