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PostSubject: my book im writeing   my book im writeing EmptySat Aug 15, 2009 6:02 pm

ok im writeing a book please don't laugh or try to tell me to correct it because i probably have by no but here is the first chapter but i HAVE NOT REVISED IT YET!!!

chapter one

Today was turning out to be a very sucky day. I failed todays math pop quiz i got made fun of in health for blushing at the picture of the woman we were "studying" behind our books with jame's fathers magezine.and on top of all that i had patrols tonight! Let me explain i was part of a group of "punks" as my dad would say. But there were two other groups we were the Yautuja. We are currently the strongest group because of our better firepower. We have honor pure honor is our code of chivalry. Another group is the Eagles. They are called the Eagles because they like to ambush people. the last group is the weakest and both other groups have a deadlock stranglehold on it's throat. and it was for a good reason. they used to be the strongest of us by far. but we had to stop them. Even if it broke the code of honor. For all the new guys it will forever be known as the death crusades. But to us veterans it will always be known as hell. They were the celtics drug dealers but not just any the exclusivly sold to little kids 13 and under.
"Jack!" i looked up and groaned. it was Alex my best freind. "I heard you had patrols tonight." Alex was a blond about half a foot shorter than me he is 14 im almost 15 he was scrawny he ate alot of food but he still looks anorexic. He was a diehard beatles fan.
"Yeah im gonna use one of the days I earned off in the crusades."
"No can do buddy. We got nuggets to train"
"Crap i forgot" A "nugget" was the term we used for a brand new troop. nuggets are troops that had never seen action accept for training. I've seen nuggets cry and there wills break in there first fight. the bell rang we said bye and ran for our classes. The hours passed quickly then on till i was time for patrols. "oh my god your the war monger!" I flinched at my old crusade name. I earned the name in the crusades because i was fearless i ran out in the open and took down everyone I could I had dosens of scars from being shot by pellets. i had made 67 "kills" we use pellet rifles and bb guns but we still say kills. pellets and bbs dont sound like much but you can take someone down with them big time.
"you are! Your jack richards! Holy crap! Im being trained by jack richards!"
i was so amused i had a fan. he practicly squeeled. I realised something was wrong instantly. "wait your my nugget?"
"How old are you?"
so were that pressed. we had decided the age limit would be 13. I realised that he was so young that he mite die. I must have looked as bad as i felt he instantly stood at attention.
"Im sory if i broke any protocal. It wont happen again."
"you did nothing wrong. It's just that your so young!"
"I can handle myself."
"Okay check list. Auto rifle."
" single shot armor peircing rifle."
"carying knife."
then alex butted in. "balls?"
the kid grinned. "ive got a bigger check there than you!"
They howled with laughter and i heard diana scoff. "men are such pigs."
"nice to see you to honey." i said in a goofy voice as I smacked my lips like i was kissing her.
She practicly hissed at me and hit me in the arm so hard it came out of the socket. "Oh my gosh jack im so sorry!"
"Yeesh for a medic you do more harm than good!" i snickerd as i popped it back in place. "Stressed?"
"You have no idea. that nugget keeps hitting on me!" she looked at him he looked back and wiggled his eyebrows. Diana was the cutest girl i knew but i didn't think of her in that way. She was just as tall as me with reddish blonde hair and could probably beat any guy in this room at arm wrestleing.
"Stop calling me the nugget! I have a name you know!"
"and it is?" panted alex wow anyone who can wear out alex and not even look winded deserves a medal.
"taylor! Thats a girls name!" Alex practickly died he laughed so hard.
then Taylor hit im so hard in the back that Alex yelped and slinked off. Again no easy feat. Taylor was about 5 foot tall jet black hair.
"lets get this show on the road. Suit up!" Our battle suits were black and had a chest plate made to stop bowling balls. Our faces were covered by paintball masks to protect our eyes.
"Awsome!" exclaimed taylor
"okay theres a cruiser out back lets move." A cruiser was our travel method. Itwas a big minivan sized box we mad out of plywood. It was on big wheels the side had a slide open door. The entire back side lowers on a motor and rope turning into a ramp for bycicles to deploy on the move. The inside had a desk, six chairs bolted to the floor, a metal screen seperateing the cockpit fro the main body the cockpit had two chairs and a wide array of switches and buttons for lights and weapons. It had two car batteries to power it and one more to power the electric motor. And finaly a top mounted cannon that had different parts for a rifle or fireworks-we use fireworks like missles-and it swiveled for 360 degrees of aiming. It had interior lights and an airconditioning and beds that fold out of the walls for long nights.
"i love this job." taylor barley spoke i wonder if that was meant to himself or not.
"Okay everyone at the posts i've got a bad feeling tonight taylor your up front with me. I put a cd into. the first song was "down with the sickness". "Lets rock!"
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my book im writeing
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